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Marketing should be an exciting and rewarding part of running a
small business. Many small businesses fail to reach their full
potential, or go bust, simply because the small business owner
spends too much time working in the business, and too little time
working on the business.

Marketing feeds clients and therefore money into your small
business. Without those 2 elements, you don't have a business!

It makes good sense then, to spend some time and money to create
a marketing plan that will form the basis of all your marketing

This is a living document that can be changed as
circumstances change, but in the day to day hussle of life, it acts as
your point of reference for all the decisions you make about
marketing - and it will save you from deviating from your chosen
marketing strategy time and again. In short, it will save you money
in the long run.

THE MARKETING MANUAL is a practical, step-by-step guide
to writing a concise, relevant marketing plan for your small

Filled with real life examples and successfully applied in
many businesses, The Marketing Manual will provide you with the
methodology, tips and insight for developing your own winning
marketing plan, regardless of the size of your marketing budget.

When you follow THE MARKETING MANUAL process, you
will not only end up with your own comprehensive and unique
(as well as short and to the point!) marketing plan for your business,
you will also have greatly expanded your overall marketing
knowledge which you will then be able to apply over and over
again in any situation that requires marketing.

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